Even only Alcohol’s Logo still Illegal in Thailand?

From the case of a complaint that A restaurant in Nonthaburi was arrested by the staff. Because the food menu was found with a logo of alcohol Illegal Section 32 of the 2008 Alcohol Control Act has caused widespread criticism on social media.
On August 23, 2020, Dr. Nipon Chinanontvej, Director of the Office of the Alcohol Control Committee (OIC), clarified that the office received a complaint through an information system to monitor violations of the tobacco product control law. And Alcoholic Beverages (TAS) on 21 Jan 2019 that the store has advertised alcohol
The competent official went to the inspection area on 24 January 2019, along with the police from the Pak Kret Police Station, found a large number of advertising media for alcoholic beverages, such as fire signs, freezers, food menus, and stickers on the walls around the shop. And beer cheer girls It’s not just a menu that has alcoholic beverages as the owner claims.
In addition, the officer recorded photos and videos on the day of the review. With an identification card showing Notify the objective and clarify the law to the shop owner according to the steps The shop owner interviewed that the competent official just said that it was an offense without explaining the law is not true in any way. In addition, the shop owner informed the competent official that Advertising media installed in the store Obtained from a representative of the alcoholic beverage manufacturer
Dr. Niphon continued that Restaurant operators should not accept advertising media for alcoholic beverages. Including various types of advertising media in the shop because if there is a complaint and the competent official has come down to check and find that there is such advertising media inside the store, it will be prosecuted according to the law.
The news team workpointTODAY Interviewed the restaurant owner who admitted that The wrong label is a white liquor label, two beer brands, a food menu sign with the beer logo on it. Which is during the inspection period from January to February 2019, there are no signs in the shop at present. And not a food menu that is news Which his son is a poster because he understands that But was wondering why he just had a summons Because it has been examined since 2019, I understand that the story is over Which economy like this comes with a lot of fines for their shop Increasing the burden and worry
While the staff informed the news team that The reason just had a fine because the lawsuit had to terminate the case before Inspection offices all over the country, not just in Bangkok or Nonthaburi