Some Thai Foods I Do Recommends

Hello friends Today I have a food menu to suggest that we can eat together.

Talk about Thai food Including a wide variety of dishes For example, Tom Yum Kung, Namtok Laab Moo, Namtok Pork, Som Tam, Grilled Chicken, and Sticky Rice. Sometimes people like to eat it on skewers. Because it’s easy to eat and doesn’t need to clean up a lot. For example, grilled pork, fresh milk, grilled pork, grilled pork liver, fried chicken, skewers, grilled pork heart, grilled pork innards

For the menu that I will present today You can try ordering one from Grabfood Panda or Get it, and the delivery fee will vary depending on your friends’ location.

The menu that I want to present today is Roasted Omelette with Fermented Naem It’s a menu that doesn’t look like much.

Roasted Omelette with Fermented Naem
Roasted Omelette with Fermented Naem

But the taste is second to none. As for the price, it can reach a wide variety of customer groups. Because the price is more than 60 baht, not more than this

For the amount of rice and side dishes provided I have to admit that it is full enough for one person, in case you are a heavy eater, it may not feel full to your stomach. But for me, it was full. If more than this, you may become pregnant and feel discomfort later.

However, some of you may be concerned about the packaging. I personally think that the shop is packed well. And keep heat Makes food that has been received fresh and appetizing from rice that is hot right. And the side dish is not cold or dull either The cleanliness of the box ensures that You don’t have to worry about stomach pain after eating. Because the box that was brought to it was a good heat storage box And what I like best is The box can also be put in the microwave. This is suitable for people who live in condominiums and are inconvenient to heat food. Using the microwave to warm through the box directly. It will save time and do not need to clean anything complicated after eating.

Recommendations for friends who have not ordered through the service provider. There is one thing that needs to be paid attention to every time you order food, that is, the price of delivery. This will depend on the distance between the shop and your residence. And in some incidents of heavy rain or curfew events There may be no food ordering. Or add additional shipping fees in special cases Therefore would like you to order food Check the price of delivery carefully every time. If the shipping cost is quite high It is recommended to order more than 1 box of food, such as food for 50 baht, delivery cost 30, you should order 2-3 boxes to share the average delivery cost to 10 baht, it will look good and save time in ordering food.

Roasted Omelette with Fermented Naem 2
Roasted Omelette with Fermented Naem

Finally, some food If eaten in the event of too much or too often May contain sodium or fat That may cause various diseases Therefore, don’t forget to eat only and exercise every time. Because ordering food nowadays easier That means you have access to more delicious food sources. And if there is no good dietary control per day It may cause obesity, diabetes, and long-term pressure.