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What? Why? Messi?

At 7:00 PM on Tuesday 25 August, Alfredo Martinez, a Honda Zero radio reporter, was the first to tweet, “Leo Messi sent burofax to the Bar. Selona wants to move the team. He wants to use the option to cancel the contract automatically immediately. “
And then is erysipelas Because the matter is true Messi wants to move away from Barcelona. The club where he lived for 20 years.
The beginning of the Messi incident This happened since Barcelona lost 8-2 Bayern painfully eliminated the Champions League. Summary This year the club does not have a single championship. That led the team management to dismiss Quique Setian from his position. Then appointed Ronald Khuman replaces
Barcelona gave the man the right to manage. To keep who to use And who will throw away who left, which koo it wants to release the older players With expensive wages away from the team
But the person he was determined to keep was Lionel Messi, so Khuman spoke to Messi on Friday. But after discussion Messi still hesitated. He still has to decide whether to stay well or not.
While everyone had to hope that Messi would stay or go There was a new bomb blast on Sunday. When there was news that one of the players that Ku Man was going to throw away was Luis Suarez.
Since Suarez moved to Barca in 2014, he has been the club’s immediate key man. Suarez shot spread. Until the record is the club’s third highest scoring player of all time
In addition to the field matters, Suarez is also very close to Messi. That’s because they were both born the same year. (Suarez older than 5 months) is the same South American. And the family of Messi and Suarez are close together, these two houses are always a couple pack.
When Kuman decided not to use Suarez and was ready to cancel his contract That point is understandable It is the coach’s approach. But the point that makes it dramatic is The person who called to say The club will cancel the contract and not return the team management. But instead of a moan Someone who has just moved for a few days I have to bear the face of calling Suarez myself.
Kuman talks to Suarez for just one minute and then sends the matter to the lawyers of both sides to continue discussing the severance of the contract.
Suarez was not satisfied with this kind of separation. Because he is dedicated to Barcelona for a full 6 years, helping the team to win many championships. So it is expected that If it will end together Should receive more club honors

Bad treatment with Suarez Combined with many feelings that have been accumulated for a long time It became an important trigger for Messi to tell the club that he was not enough.

[Why did Messi choose to go]
In that corner of Messi We know that He has long been unhappy with the management of the board.
Many decisions Of the executives doing anything wrong Causing Barca from the world’s number 1 team to become a champion team. And has not become a formidable team again
Argentinian media pointed out that the four main reasons Messi was thinking about moving the team were:
1) All failed trades Shows skill in management
Back in 2017, Neymar’s loss to PSG. Okay, it happened. But Messi, at least, sees the management more serious in bringing Neymar back to Camp Nou.
“I know negotiating with Paris Saint-Germain is not easy. But I don’t know if Barcelona have done everything to get Neymar back, ”Messi once said. Which during the last summer When Neymar had a serious problem with PSG, honestly, if Barca was a little serious. Had the right to get Neymar back
However, Board Barca did not take Neymar. But went to choose Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid instead, which is not Griezmann, is not good. But since you know Neymar will definitely play with the Barca system. And why didn’t you work hard to get Neymar? Here, Griezmann has not yet known how well he will play. Plus the age of Greecemann is more than Neymar. Has a less period of use
And many more deals Where Barca made a mistake Pay more than they should be The one that should be bought is not bought. So Messi doesn’t understand if the club is still serious about winning or not. And the rest of his career is becoming less and less. Will he leave a champion like this until the day of hanging out?
2) doing something over the head
Dismissing Ernesto Valverde and appointed Quique Setian replaces It is a surprise Is that Balberde may not like the fans or whatever But the coach’s degree is still much better than Setian.
“Today it’s sad for our club. The great coach had to leave the team, ”Messi said of Valverde on the day he learned of the news that Balberde was fired.
When choosing to appoint Setian Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu calls out three players, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquette and Sergie Roberto. Without consulting Messi as well So he himself felt that This change I myself have no part. In spite of being a true captain
3) Tired of having conflicts with management.
During the year there was a lot of drama for Messi. Chasing since the issue that sporting director Eric Abidal once interviewed that a Barca player intentionally saw Balberde’s leg. Until Messi had to come out and ask Abidal if “Tell me who you name” to protect the team Including the management board Used to pressure Barca players to reduce wages during COVID Which Messi had to protect the team again By saying that the players are willing to do so Not seen required This kind of coercive press from the press.
Messi has always been protecting the players on the team. Armed with the management until he was tired Is that playing ball only is already heavy Still have to come and manage the curtain outside the field

many other options
Messi at the age of 33 is still world class for many years. Messi’s brand is still going strong. The footsteps are still great. Therefore, it is not strange that other clubs However, I want it.
Which the other team both gave more money More honorable And of course, there is no need for drama to make him uncomfortable. Late career With still having time to win a major championship, it would be nice if he had full focus on football. And avoid the dramas found in everyday life

The reason is so clear That the move would have been a good cut, really if Barca wanted to keep Messi. Should be more careful But when there was an issue with Luis Suarez, another flower became the last straw. That made Messi decide to send a fax to the club to ask to move the team.

[Why should Barca release it? )
The issues most people in the world are talking about are Should Messi stay or should move, no one will give the answer as good as himself.
But another equally interesting issue is in the corner of Barcelona? They want to keep Messi. Or would you rather let go?
Of course, the opinion most fans would like to have Messi anyway, but not 100% of them think so. Some people think If the club really wants to move on, cutting Messi might be the right thing.
Oscar Rookery of Argentina’s 1986 World Championships has analyzed the situation that Barca really wanted to get rid of Messi as well. But cannot do it directly Because of the influence of the players There are so many Therefore, it must use a counterculture method. That is, let Suarez leave. In order to force Messi to announce himself That he wanted to move by himself Barca wasn’t planning on selling it.
“This eye piece Barcelona have planned. Cutting off Suarez It’s indirect pressure They intend to release Messi, of course, ”Rookery analyzed.
Why did Barca have to lose Messi? The first reason is Messi’s wages are very high, € 750,000 a week, and combined with the image royalties that Barca has to pay Messi every year, in total, Messi earned almost € 1 million.
Which if Barca is thinking of creating a new team It is necessary to find at least 4-5 quality players into the team. But when the wage ceiling is full of max like this To expand it is difficult. So if Messi goes Able to clear the wage ceiling a lot
For example, Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez is reportedly paying a meager € 96,000 a week. It is almost 8 times less than Messi. So if Messi just one person The team structure is much lighter.
Another reason to support Messi’s release. That is, Messi’s influence is too great. Both on and off the field
Spanish media revealed Cuoman’s conversation with Messi on Friday. There is an important highlight, Khoo Man said Messi is an important person in the team, but “your privileges in the team. No more You have to do everything for the team. And I can say that There will be no flexibility whatsoever, players have to think about the team first.
Words of Cuuman Media on two issues The first is the tactics in the field. That’s because Barca in the latter. There will always be Messi at the center. You have to think about Messi first. Which Khuman plan There will be no player at the center. But everyone will be equally important. To make the team win
The other point is Messi has so much power that The coach was hard to touch. In the previous seasons there were cases where Messi Not listening to Edair Sarabia’s game, Quique Setien’s right-hand man was walking out of the circle at a team meeting. Which at this point Kuoman did not want it to happen in his generation Even if it’s a star Must listen to what the coach is trying to say
While a portion of the fan’s corner indicates that Messi has a lack of energy in the latter part. He is the real captain. But rarely motivate teammates Team time behind Messi is often depressed. Which resulted in poor team timing as well
So the separation right here It might be a good thing, different people move on to start their own path again.

[Why should Barca keep? )
But, of course, comments from most of Barca’s fans. I don’t want to lose Messi.
The first step is about footsteps. Even though Messi is now 33 years old, he goes to see his work in the field He is a La Liga scorer with 25 goals and is the league’s top assist, making 21 assists despite the team not winning any title. But his personal work is still as great as before.
Messi can play in a variety of ways. Can stand in any position in the offensive line Can be a striker Or sometimes back down to play the role of a quarter-back and keep the ball pass well as well
Back in february The administrators watched Barca live in Spain at the away game at Real Betis.That game, Barca won 3-2, with Messi back down to play a passer and made three assists in a single game.
Messi is the genius player of the era. He can adapt to any plan. Play with players of any style. Which the size of Barca in the current season The other players were in that form. But Messi still supported the team that much. It is already considered good.
If Barca says he is the No. 1 team in the world, he should keep the No. 1 player with him, not let go of strengthening others.
Want to make the team better Get other players to play with Messi to level the squad together. Meaning there is no need to throw away Messi
And do not forget that Since Barca will get rid of a lot of senior players – Suarez, Vidal, Rakitic, Utiti or maybe another Pique, that means losing Messi again. Barca has almost no one left. Then will only rely on the young stars, will it be ok?
There is a saying that if Barca released Messi, Suarez and Rakitic this summer. In the whole club barca Only Ronald Kuman will ever score in a Champions League final. It’s pretty bad.
The next reason is equally important is that Messi is the symbol of Barcelona.
Messi grew up from La Masia to the top of the club. And helped the team win four European championships in the history of the Barca club since its establishment In an era where there was no Messi The team won one time in Europe, but when Messi had enough The team immediately won 4 more European championships.
Football fans expect Messi. Stay with the club for a long time Until the stud It is a great legend of the team. Ended the career beautifully
Is from the number of doors And the success that Messi made the team He deserves the highest honor from the club, isn’t he?
In the past in Barcelona There used to be a player who played one team and retired Carles Puyol, but when Bartomeu became the club president. Surprisingly, the legendary players Can not remain with the club throughout the years. In the end, they all have to move the team.
Big Tor Valdes moved to Manchester United in 2014, Xabi moved to Al Sadd in 2015, Pedro Rodriguez also moved to Chelsea in 2015. Iniesta moved to Vissel Kobe in 2018.
These players Fans wanted a beautiful ending like a one-club man, but it never happened. So there was an expectation with Messi. That will become a legend of the team until the last day of their career.
Messi deserves that kind of greatness. The last game in my career Walked off the field with standing ovations All the people Camp Nou Make a sign of praise to honor.

But if it ends up like this Means the last game of Messi The game was defeated by Bayern 8-2, a painful ending, no celebration. I didn’t say goodbye to my own fans. It was a really cruel separation.

[Latest situation]
That Barcelona The coach will do the duty of the tactics only. As for the contract Trading decisions And policies It is a matter of the club president. And all administrative boards
The problem we see is that the management gap and Messi are too far apart.
“Me and the club president, we didn’t talk. Since losing to Liverpool That was the last time we talked. “
When the gaps are so far apart No intimacy It makes the club side ready to do whatever. Without having to care much about Messi
Like Messi Who saw that the club could not move so strongly If still being the executive of this set Which since he could not do more Taking myself out Should be the best to end the problem
At this point, Spanish media analyzed that if Bartomez decided to leave. And speed up the process of electing a new president Messi may continue to change her mind. But if Bartomeu doesn’t go Messi is definitely not. Which is the reason Barca fans held up a banner to sack the president in front of the Camp Nou stadium last night.
Suppose Bartomeu doesn’t leave. What will be the next step? Messi will move on to move the team. By Messi, according to the contract that was signed That he has the right to tear the contract And move the team immediately That myself want
However, the contract document states that Messi’s free contract option It has been exhausted since June 21, 2020, and Messi has protested about going crazy or something this year, it is infected with COVID. The program has been postponed until August. Therefore the option must be postponed as well. How can Barca do this?
This seems like a big story, but it’s definitely over. Because if the players really intend to go How can Barca get hold of it? The club would not be willing to pay 1 million euros a week to people who have lost their hearts with the team.
Now the clubs Prepare to plan to accelerate negotiations on Messi Spanish media believe that only five teams have the potential to sign Messi.
The first team was Man City with Pep Guardiola, the man who used the best Messi as a coach. Besides that, Ferran Soriano is the CEO and Sorriano knows Messi well. Because in the past was the vice president of Barca club before Plus, don’t forget that City has another friend of Messi’s Gun Aguero.
The gambling bureau has legalized Manchester City as one of the favorites because of City’s money and style. Playing a short ball really suits Messi.
The second team is PSG, a team that dreams of winning a European title once. If you get Messi Go play with Neymar and Kiel.